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Proactive or Reactive? How do you approach your Career?

Back in August, when I was approaching my 20 year anniversary at work, I sat down and spent some time reflecting on my career.  Instead of the short-term reflections I had done each year –  I went back to the beginning.  … Continue reading

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How do I get back in the job market after having a baby?

Recently an old college friend sent me a note asking me for some first steps to get back into the job market.  Here are some of the steps I recommended.  What would you add? 1) Update LinkedIn with as much … Continue reading

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Change begins with YOU…and so do a lot of other things

In my role, I continuously meet with new people and talk about different issues around Career Development.  A typical question I get is “How do I change the role I am in to better suit my strengths/family needs/desired future profession?” What I find is … Continue reading

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The importance of Positivity – and a challenge for the “Negative Nellies” out there

As both a parent and a mentor, I am constantly reminded of the power of positive thinking.  One of my StrengthsFinder 2.0 traits is Positivity.  I once had a boss tell me that I was too positive, that I needed … Continue reading

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Say “Hello” to your 14 year old self

Today I am speaking at a local high school to 9th graders about self-discovery, the value of mentors and creating a development plan.  I finished my first class (1 of 3) a little while ago and am reflecting on the … Continue reading

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You Can Have a Mentor – at any Age!

As I prepare for Wednesday and my guest appearance in a local high school health class, I am focusing on the importance of Mentors.  Each time I teach or speak to a large audience, I am struck by how many adults don’t have … Continue reading

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Welcome to My First Blog Post

Welcome!  I have worked inside a large corporation for the last 20 years.  In that time, I have learned a lot about managing my own career and have spent many hours coaching and mentoring others.  Last year I was asked … Continue reading

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