Gratitude – working to instill it in the pre-teen

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed how my pre-teen is having trouble focusing on the positive and that I resulted to negative consequences for each time she said something negative.  That worked for a day or two at most and she was back to her pre-teen moody self. 

New tactic – gratitude journaling.  After the gym on Saturday I went to Target and picked up four journals, stickers, colored pens and glue sticks.  I called a family meeting (yes, dad included) and we sat down while I introduced the concept of gratitude journaling. 

I let them each decorate their journals with their names using glitter stick-on letters and stickers.  Then I explained that each night after dinner we are going to sit as a family and write down at least three things we are grateful for from the day. 

My youngest latched on to the idea immediately.  She loves the focused family time and is reminding us each night that it’s time to journal.  My pre-teen is grudgingly going along and has come up with some good ones so far.  Even my husband is participating and finding some interesting things to write. 

My favorites have been ‘thankful for late snow in March’, ‘thankful for family time at breakfast and the movies’ and ‘thankful I completed a full day of meetings and didn’t yell at anyone.’

What are you grateful for today?  How do you change a negative into a positive?


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