What happens when you share your dreams with others?

Yesterday, I shared an elevator with a mentee I haven’t seen in a few weeks. As we exchanged the normal ‘hey, how are you’ banter, I could tell she had news to share. She had a sparkle in her eye and could barely contain her excitement. As the elevator began to move, she thanked me for our last session and then started to catch me up.
During our last session, she had been reluctant and nervous to articulate what she wanted to do next in her career. We discussed her path so far, how she had learned new computer languages on her own – she’s mostly self-taught – and how she was really leaning in a new direction.
She’s got 20 years of industry experience, she’s brilliant and an introvert. She’s always been one to please – and has put herself second all her life.
I encouraged her to get really comfortable and clear with what she wanted to do next – and then share it with some co-workers. I told her to start with the people she felt most comfortable sharing her hopes and dreams for a new role in a parallel field.
She told me – “I finally spoke out loud what I have been thinking about for years. And, my co-workers, they got excited. And started dreaming along with me. So, I got bolder. At that networking event a few weeks ago, I told someone I had just met, what I want to do. We exchanged contact info. And she said she’d keep an eye out.”
And, of course, I wanted to know what happened next. Well, she diverged for a minute and told me she had just returned from a cruise – and a long deserved vacation. And then she said, but I had three interviews on the Friday before I left! She elaborated, as her co-workers and the woman she met at the networking event started sharing her vision, her qualifications and her resume – the emails and phone calls started almost immediately.
She received several offers. And one of them – she’s convinced they wrote the job description and responsibilities – just for her. It’s perfect! And she starts in two weeks!
change is possible
What do you want to do? Who can you share it with? Dare to dream. Say it outloud. Tell it to the right people. And opportunities will come!
Today I saw another friend in the cafeteria who had just returned from maternity leave. She looked great for someone whose position had disappeared while she was out on bed rest. She gave me a quick update. As soon as she was notified her group was being dismantled and she would have to find a new position – she called and e-mailed her network with her current resume and a short list of things she’d like to try next. Those small actions generated lots of interest in her and her skill set. She met with various managers and those conversations generated FIVE offers. Five. Can you imagine? As she raced off to her next meeting, she yelled over her shoulder – why don’t others understand the value of networking? I am so excited for this new role – it’s exactly what I wanted to do next!

Networking, Getting clear on what you want next, it’s all part of Career Development!


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40 something woman, wife, mother of two, former recreational soccer player, high tech professional, mentor and coach
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